A2S expert in wiring subcontracting.

Outsource your wiring production project today.

We deliver the world

Optimization of production and delivery times.

Advanced technology

We are at the cutting edge of technology.

Industry Experts

We master our subject perfectly.

Technical solutions adapted to small and large series.

We design and manufacture according to your specifications or according to a specific solution studied for you, parts overmolded under pressure or by cavity. The tooling cost is adapted according to the series of parts (aluminum or steel mold).

A know-how recognized by our customers.

Our know-how revolves around :
- Overmolding
- Cutting
- Crimping
- Welding
- Testing.

Wiring production in record time !

Our production capacity allows us to deliver very large quantities in record time. We produce almost all types of cables.
  • Strands and bundles
  • Custom connectors
  • RJ 45
  • RJ/SUB-D adapters
  • Integration of sets