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Optimization of production and delivery times.

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Entrust us with the orders of PCB, stencils, components according to the BOM, the insertion of components according to Geber or CAD files, the development and qualification of functional testers ... .

A duly certified<br>
production team

IPC J-STD 001 Application Specialist: Soldering of electronic components.<br>
IPC-A-610 Application Specialist: Acceptability of electronic assemblies.

Printed circuit board assembly /PCBA: SMT and THT

Our production is flexible and we can assembly electronic boards from prototyping to large series.
  • Lead or ROHS process
  • THT components assembly
  • AOI control : Automatic optical inspection
  • Manual / semi manual assembly
  • Wave / selective wave soldering
  • Automatic board cleaning
  • Functional tests
  • Tropicalization and coating
  • Integration of complete products